Best N95 reusable mask

Best N95 reusable mask

In today’s world, where pollution, diseases, infections, and viruses are increasing daily, masks work like angels to block those microbes. During this recent period called covid times, the need to wear masks has been increased manifolds. World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also urge people to wear masks whenever they are in public places. These masks play a massive role in blocking the transmission of the coronavirus. The best N95 reusable mask plays a dual role by lowering the chances of getting covid and other viruses to the person wearing it and stopping transmitting the virus from one person to another.

Types of Masks

Following types of masks are available in the market.

Cloth masks
Fabric that is selected for making masks should be breathable and tightly woven like cotton. In addition, there should be two or three layers of fabric for better protection.
Medical procedure masks
These masks are also called surgical or disposable masks because they are not being washed or laundered because of their one-time use. These masks are primarily used in the situation where there are chances of getting wet or dirty.
Masks with exhalation valves or vents
These masks are not recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) because of holes in the material that allow droplets to escape and transfer to another person.
Clear masks
These masks are made of clear plastic panels from which the wearer’s mouth is visible. These types are used by deaf people, young children, students learning a new language, and disabled people. 
Why should I use N95 respirators?
N95 respirators are some of the higher-rated masks because of their sealed protection. The best N 95 reusable mask provides better protection from the virus than a cloth mask or surgical mask. Frontline health workers mainly use these masks for their better security and safety.

What does N95 stand For?
N is the Respirator Rating Letter class; it stands for a non-oil variant. These masks are best for a workplace where non-oil-based particulars are present. The covers having an R rating are resistant to oil up to 8 hours, and shows with a P are oil proof.
95: Mask whose name is ending with 95 have 95% efficiency, which means while wearing N95, you are breathing in air that is 95% free from dust particles and virus, those ending with 99 have 99% efficiency, and masks ending with 100 have 99.97% efficiency. These qualities make it the best N95 reusable mask.
What Is The Composition of These Masks?
 The Best N95 reusable mask is made of electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber. Sometimes it contains a valve that is an exhalation valve. It makes the breathing process easy because covers are tightly fitted on the nose; because of tightness around the area, some people find problems in the breathing process while wearing a mask.
Reuse ability of N95 masks
Most N95 masks are reusable, but once the mask is damaged or its filter is blocked with impure items, throw it in the dust bin. It would no longer protect you against any virus and infectious bodies.
As per one laboratory study conducted by Fischer RJ, Morris DH, van Doremalen N in 2020, N95 masks can be decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide.  
How should I use a Best Reusable N95 mask?
Most of the people around don’t know the correct method of wearing a face mask. So here is a detailed guide to how to wear a mask properly.
One should not touch any part of the face while wearing it other than ear loops. For example, avoid touching the mask’s front. 
Place the reusable N95 mask above the nose; many people place it below the nose, which is incorrect and cannot stop the virus or infection. 
For more protection, wear glasses. 
Remove the mask carefully after use because it catches all the unwanted particles. For removing the N95 reusable mask again, use an ear loop.
Would you please put on the clean tissue or paper towel while keeping the mask’s face down like a reusable mask? 
If you use surgical masks, throw them straight away in the dust bin; do not place them on any surface. Viruses or bacteria in the air can pollute the mask. So, always use a new one every single time.
In the case of cloth masks that are homemade most of the time, wash and dry them daily. The dryer’s heat helps disinfect the mask.

N95 vs. Surgical Mask

N95 reusable mask works as a protective device for the human respiratory system, which is facial fit and actively filters airborne particles. These masks are specially designed to fit around the nose and mouth. Healthcare staff uses these masks commonly all around the world. During this current pandemic, their use and importance have increased like never before. It is considered one of the safest masks to be used by frontline health workers worldwide. 

Surgical Mask
On the other hand, the surgical mask is usually loosely fitted. Therefore, it creates a barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer. Moreover, these masks do not form any seal around the nose and mouth because of ill-fitting. So, due to non-sealing, these masks are not considered safe compared to N95. Use them once.

Beware Of These Mistakes While Using N95 Reusable Mask

Although N95 masks provide a lot of protection to general people, health workers, doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff, certain situations in which one should be careful about wearing these protections.
Suppose a person has a cardiac issue or issue or a specific medical condition that makes it difficult for him to breathe normally. In that case, he should take advice from their doctor before wearing N95 because a mask can add more problems to that person’s breathing process. 
The use of N95 masks is not advisable for kids and people having facial hair because these masks do not fit on their faces. Therefore, it cannot seal the nose and mouth area. So, there can be chances of virus transmission.


N95 reusable masks are the most trustworthy and widely used masks. They are made of electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber. Nowadays, when pollution is increasing, diseases and viruses are spreading like wildfire, the importance of wearing the mask has improved a lot. Therefore, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from germs, we should try to use masks, especially N95, because of their efficiency and usefulness.

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