Bolle Safety Lens Coatings – Best Of Safety Glasses Lens

Bolle Safety Lens Coatings – Best Of Safety Glasses Lens

Now you can experience exclusive and leading-edge Bolle Safety lens coatings. With many styles and lens to choose from, there’s a pair of glasses for every job. Bolle Safety dedicates themselves to protecting people’s eyes at work. By pushing innovation and technology to the forefront, they’re able to keep evolving. Below are several lens coatings that bring a new edge to safety glasses.

Platinum Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Coating

Bolle Safety Lens Coatings - Platinum Anti-Fog

First, the innovative Platinum anti-scratch and fog resistant coating promotes safety and reliability. Applied by using a dripping process to both sides of the lens allows for an exceptionally high tolerance for scratches. This Bolle Safety lens coating is top of the line when it comes to anti-fog. Bolle is going above and beyond the typical fogging minimum standards. This coating is safe enough to be washed with water and soap, without fear of having the coating removed.

ESP Extra Sensory Perception – Bolle Safety Lens Coatings

Changing the game with this new style of Bolle Safety lens coating, let’s discuss the ESP lens. The ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ lens coating aims to reduce the effects of blue light. Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum. It has the shortest wavelengths as well as the highest energy. Although the main source comes from sunlight, they are in many man-made sources. Some examples are LED lighting, TVs, cell phones, and plenty of other electronics. They can cause damage to light-sensitive cells in the eyes and strain. With the ESP lens coating, it can block about 57% of blue light.

Twilight – Not to be Confused with Vampires

Next, we bring our attention to the Twilight (B-twilight technology) lens. This lens takes the ESP lens a step further by adding an anti-fog coating on both sides of the lens. This technology increases the filter of blue light to 76% up from 57%. Designed for low light conditions, the Twilight lens improves contrast. Perfect for those early mornings or late evenings.

Similarly, the CSP lens by Bolle Safety uses the same technology as the ESP lens. Comfort Sensitivity Perception (CSP) lens are an effective solution for outdoor activities. Ideal for those who alternate between low and bright light conditions, either hot or cold. So, whether you’re in the desert or frozen tundra, your eyes can stay comfortable. Besides the blue light filter technology, which can filter about 52%, these lenses are also combined with the Platinum coating to combat fogging and scratches.

HD Lenses

Another notable Bolle Safety lens coatings are the HD lenses. This product is great for when you need superior clarity and light transmission. Compatible with every job type that doesn’t need solar protection. HD lenses have a visible light transmission rate of about 96% compared to 90% of regular clear lenses. In addition, the lenses feature a hydrophobic coating which contains a polymer that can resist water and dirty marks.


Last but not least is the Contrast lens coating, which provides visual sharpness. This gradient lens is better suited for those who need long-term eye comfort. It also blocks 30% of the blue light that is harmful to your eyes. Aside from blocking light pollution, the Contrast lens can help prevent overheating the cornea; a common source of conjunctivitis.

By re-inventing safety glass lens coatings, Bolle Safety promotes change. With all that they have to offer, lens technology can play a major role in protecting our precious eyes. From Platinum, CPS, ESP, HD, Twilight, and Contrast coatings your eyes stay comfortable. These lenses can keep us working longer and to be more productive. On top of these innovated Bolle Safety lens coatings, they also carry the standard lenses. Such as clear, smoke (gray), yellow, polarized, or mirror lenses. No matter the type of field you’re in, you’ll be sure to find the right lens for the job.