Assurity-plus+ is a platform where products related to medical and health care are introduced and offered to consumers.

Minimum order quantity depends on the type of product which you are asking for. In case your order is way too less you can directly contact us, and one of our representatives will review your options.

Samples can be arranged upon the request of the consumer. But just to be sure, all the products and the quality of the product is reviewed by the accrediting body. Moreover, you can also ask your representative for product or packaging details and pictures.

Modifications can be done but only if it can be handled in a manageable period. In case of modification, additional costs may be incurred.

You can contact our customer service, and you may have to let us know your purchase info in order to help you with your order.


For call: +1 (647) 930-0112


For email: [email protected]

You can check the status of your order anytime you feel the need to check; you just have to contact your representative, and upon request, your order status will be notified to you.

Cancellation of the order is defined in the contract sign by both parties while confirming the order.